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LG commented on the rumors about the new smartphone with 6-inch OLED display

In less than a day after draining to the network information about the characteristics of new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG has officially confirmed rumors that its next smartphone will be equipped with OLED screen.


The Korean company revealed some of the characteristics of the following devices, which apparently will be a V30, which was named and Full Vision of a flexible OLED display. New 6-inch screen will be the largest of all, which was equipped with LG phones over the past four years, however, the device itself will be slightly less than last year’s V20.

This year features screens have become one of the key points of the struggle of the flagship smartphones from various manufacturers. LG also intends to focus on working with the displays to offer the user the most authentic immersion in virtual reality and advanced mobile services. Flexible screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2880, will be protected by Gorilla glass 5 and the technology, which, according to the manufacturer, will allow to avoid problems related to the OLED display, e.g., fading of the screen.

V30 – not the first experiment c a LG OLED screen for phone, the experimental model of the G Flex 2, released two years ago, was also equipped with such a display, but this year the company is making a major bet on the quality and size of the screen of your new smartphone. This is quite natural, given that LG has just invested $ 7 billion in private production of OLED-screens. And, if you believe the rumors, Apple has chosen LG as the manufacturer of screens for the new iPhone 8.

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