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Lenses Blips for $30 turn iPhone into microscope with 100 times magnification

Anyone who frequently takes photos periodically think about macro photography. The main problem with most smartphones is that to create such personnel must hold the camera very close to the object. In most cases, to achieve the desired result is problematic. Lens for iPhone and iPad called Blips allow you to create macro-photography, and to multiply the objects.

Device from the company SmartMicroOptics easily attached to the main camera lens, providing high-quality shooting in macro mode, and also conveniently removable. The basic package includes two lenses and two pillows to stabilize the smartphone and the compliance with the minimum focal length — 12 mm Lens for macro is convenient for observing insects or moving subjects, lens microscope is needed for bigger items.

The thickness of the lens of the microscope is 1.2 mm, the thickness of the lens for macro photography – just 0.5 mm.

Device to improve shooting from the side like a tab. These bookmarks have two colors – each means the magnification. Green – “normal” macro lens. It brings the image 10 times, which is comparable with the capabilities of Amateur microscope. Optimum operating position 13 mm from the sample. Blue lens more powerful. It can help to achieve a hundredfold increase, and to consider even the cells.

Macro lenses Blips can be attached to any smartphones and tablets, but the developers recommend that the resolution of the camera was at least 5 megapixels.

Project Blips was successfully launched on the Kickstarter platform in may this year. Then the product moved to the stage of serial production, and now the device has become possible to order on the official website of the company. A basic set of Blips will cost $30.

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