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Lenovo said the desire to produce computers and smartphones processors with Russian Baikal

Lenovo is negotiating to use in their computers and smartphones processors, released the “daughter” of the Russian company “T-platforms”. About this “Vedomosti” reports with reference to the General Director of Lenovo in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe Gleb Mishin.

The Lenovo representative refused to disclose the details, timing and size of possible deliveries of processors produced by “Baikal electronics”, citing a confidentiality agreement. However, he said that he expects the trust of customers to the technique with Russian Lenovo processors. According to Mishina, this will help Lenovo in the competition.

At the end of may “Baikal electronics” presented Baikal-T1 is the first Russian processor created at 28-nanometer process technology. Although Baikal-T1 was designed in Russia, made it at the factory TSMC in Taiwan, where coming out and the processors for the iPhone and iPad.

Previously, the Ministry has decided to consider microchips Russian, even if they are produced abroad, but the Russians, so the formalities are met is a Russian processor. Apparently, this decision can fall into gadgets Lenovo.

The representative of the “Baikal electronics” Andrey Malafeev added that because the company is a commercial, and in any case relies on the demand of not only the state but also by private clients.

The “Baikal” project deals with the development of multiple processors for different platforms. For example, the processor “Baikal T” is designed for mobile devices. In addition, the expected output of the processor with higher performance. By 2020 it is planned to produce 5 million chips.

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