Lenovo introduced the "smart" calendar with Google Assistant

At IFA 2019, Lenovo showed off a new smart display.

The 7-inch Smart Display is compact enough. Two speakers are installed in the case for video communication and listening to music.

Compared with its predecessor, in the new model, the frames have become thinner, and a light sensor has also appeared. A camera for video calls, which you can "cover up" if you are afraid of surveillance and you need maximum privacy.

New works with Google Voice Assistant. In fact, this is such an analogue of the Google Home Hub, which is sold only in the United States for $ 150. Lenovo device also shows the latest news, launches music, it can be used as a bedside clock.

Lenovo Smart Display will appear in October for 130 euros, and I would buy something like that from Apple. I want to see another Apple device on the table with a display that will show appointments on the calendar and current reminders.

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