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Lenovo has released the competitor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – fitness bracelet Smart Band HW01

Lenovo introduced a smart bracelet Smart Band HW01 . Model for $30 you’ll be austere design and is intended to compete with the popular fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Smart Band HW01 focused on the same price range as Mi Band second generation and has similar functionality. However, the brainchild of Lenovo stands out from competitors ‘ products particular level of resistance to external conditions and can offer a number of additional options.

Lenovo Smart Band HW01 protected from dust and moisture to IP65 standard. The gadget has successfully completed all stages of testing, during which the tracker for 128 hours influences at a temperature of 70 °C and were tested at -20 °C. tested for resistance fitness-tracker showed that if dropped from a height of 1.2 m internal components of the device will not suffer from shock and the gadget will continue proper operation.

The gadget is equipped with at 0.91-inch OLED screen that displays time and collected information on physical activity “vehicle”: the distance travelled and calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, etc. Activated in the settings of the Smart Band HW01 sports mode will allow you to monitor the system over the heartbeat and automatically keep records on the basis of the evidence that will be recorded every 15 minutes. Notification of a successful measurement will be characteristic vibration of the gadget on hand.

Mode Anti-Sleep through the vibration of the bracelet will start to Wake the user if he begins to fall asleep in inappropriate graphics for its time. This solution can help and even save lives in cases when the owner of the Lenovo Smart Band HW01 starts to fall asleep while driving or during work process.

Unlike most analogues, the novelty can also boast of the function of “smart” alarm clock. Thanks to her, the bracelet will determine the most appropriate time to Wake up, giving full information on the quality of sleep of the owner.

Sync Lenovo Smart Band HW01 with the smartphone is via Bluetooth. Supported devices running iOS 7 and higher and Android 4.4 or above. Bracelet is able to give signals about incoming calls, received messages and alerts. On a single charge Smart Band HW01 will last up to 5 days due to the battery capacity of 85 mAh.

The cost of the Lenovo Smart Band HW01 available in black with silicone strap, is about $31.

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