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Lenovo has brought down the price of smartphones in Russia

At that time, the majority of the manufacturers are in no hurry to revise product prices following the strengthening of the ruble, Lenovo has announced another reduction in the cost of corporate communicators in Russia.

From 15 may 2015 on the Russian market fell 11 smartphones under the brand Lenovo. Most of all lost in the price of the flagship handset professional photography Vibe Z2 Pro. Now it is offered for 30 000 rubles instead of the previous 35 000.

4 000 (23 000) decreased the cost of Lenovo Vibe Z2. 3 000 is now worth less layered Lenovo Vibe X2. His new price — 17 000 rubles. Clone iPhone 6 smartphone Lenovo S90 – on sale for 18,000 rubles, which is 2 000 rubles less in comparison with last price tag. Budget models the manufacturer has fallen by about 1 000.

At the same time Lenovo has started taking pre-orders for model Lenovo P90, presented at the beginning of the year. The announcement of the device for the amount of 30,000 rubles took place at the January CES 2015. Based on the updated price list of the cost of the product at the time of its appearance in stores, is likely to be lower. The sales start Lenovo P90, as reported in the Russian office of the Chinese company, scheduled for June.

Experts expect widespread price correction in may-June, based on actual sales around this time of warehouse stocks are bought at extremely high prices of commodities will be exhausted, provided that actual consumer demand. However, the situation depends not only on consumers and of course, but also the integrity of the manufacturers and retailers that can delay the decline in the prices of electronics in Russia.

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