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Lenovo again copying the iPhone 6

Manufacturer of smartphones, arbitrarily large, there are not many ways to engage consumers with their new products. All of the company first, and many of the second row did not have problems in order to produce a powerful, high-quality assembled and not an ugly phone. Considering how saturated the market, all of these factors, even taken together, are not able to get a potential buyer to part with their money. What if you copy the appearance of one of the most popular (and expensive) models on the market? Lenovo decided that it was a worthwhile idea and prepared the machine, repeating the design of the iPhone 6.

Zuk 1, in question, is not the first Lenovo smartphone that borrows the look of the iPhone 6. Before that was the Lenovo S90, which although not an exact copy of the “six”, borrows many elements of its design. Don’t get the latest iPhone in the casing with rounded edges, some “breakable” plastic inserts, impossible. Here and now an ambitious Chinese manufacturer is preparing to introduce a clone of the Apple smartphone. According to the official render, the bottom face of novelty is almost full copy of iPhone 6 metal frame of its elements is committed to exactly replicate the look of the flagship Apple smartphone. Matches the number of holes in the speaker grille.

It is known that Zuk 1 will get a display diagonal of 5.5 inch, 3 GB RAM, 13-megapixel camera, battery capacity of 4000 mAh, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, and a USB Type-C. Given the capacious battery, you would think that the device will not stand out “wasp waist”. However, the first image of the smartphone tells a different story. Of course, to accurately estimate the thickness of the smartphone in the picture is not possible. But you can certainly say that thick the device will not be. The image shows the same connector USB Type-C.

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Lenovo Zuk 1 to be a fingerprint scanner U-Touch, integrated into physical button “Home”. The price tag of new items, according to rumors, will not exceed $ 300.

Let’s see how well the marketing machine Lenovo will present Zuk Z1 consumers, which was already pretty tempted by the iPhone 6 clones.

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