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Lenovo after Nokia will revive the legendary “clamshell” Motorola RAZR V3

Inspired by the return of the legendary Nokia 3310, Lenovo also decided on a high-profile comeback. CEO Ian Wanting announced that his company will re-release once-popular “clamshell” Motorola RAZR V3.

The fashion for vintage has been increasingly captivated by electronics manufacturers, are no exception and China’s Lenovo. Wanting announced plans to revive production of the legendary Motorola RAZR V3, which has become one of the most sold in 2004 (worldwide, it sold about 150 million copies).

It is a sensible idea. After all, those who once enjoyed a RAZR V3 today for 30 years or even 40 and this is the age when the human acute nostalgic feelings. And instead of another soulless iPhone suddenly want to take up the good old flip phone with buttons and incredible by today’s standards autonomy.

Phone Motorola Razr V3 went on sale in 2004 and was distinguished by a thin shell, despite the fact that there was a traditional “clamshell”. A “kick of nostalgia”, according to Lenovo, can attract the attention of fans of the brand in the U.S., where smartphones Moto while moving not too successfully.

Perhaps the release of the RAZR V3 will be a kind of farewell to the brand, because recently it became known that Lenovo will no longer issue mobile devices Motorola and Vibe. Now all the smartphones will be sold under the brand Lenovo moto.

Today in selling there are “clamshell” running Android. And the screens in them are small. For example, the LG Wine Smart with a diagonal of 3.2 inches or Samsung W2016 with 3.9-inch display. For comparison, the relatively compact iPhone 7 screen size is 4.7 inches.

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