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Leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 in white color allows to evaluate design changes

In the vastness of the Chinese microblogging Weibo appeared “live” photos of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 in white color. A fresh batch of images allows one to determine how design has changed the main competitor of the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has not yet been officially presented, but this machine is known to virtually all. In the picture posing to work the machine, and, for the first time it shows in white or perhaps silver.

In the photo you can see that Galaxy S8 has a display with a thin framework. Due to this, the screen occupies almost the entire front surface and is bent on the side. Also, we see the user interface of the flagship with three virtual navigation buttons. Traditional home button has replaced the button.

Rumors about the movement of the fingerprint scanner on the back panel have been circulating, and now they were confirmed. Went speculation that the Home button can migrate on the rear panel, but such changes look unlikely.

The official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the older version of the Galaxy S8+ will be held March 29.

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