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Leak from Foxconn confirms the worst fears of the users about the iPhone 8

Foxconn employees, collecting the new iPhone continue to drain into the network details of the upcoming release. This time a blurry photo confirms the location of the Touch ID scanner on the back cover of the smartphone.

It has become a tradition that for the last few weeks before the official presentation of the staff of the Chinese collectors iPhone spread in the network, almost all the details of the upcoming release. Was no exception and the next iPhone 8.

On Chinese forum Weibo appeared blurred the party back cases for the iPhone, which under the icon with a bitten Apple seen another hole. Judging by the round shape and size of the notch in the finished mobile to be is the fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Earlier, there were rumors according to which Apple will embed the fingerprint directly screen the next iPhone, which will make a special button is simply unnecessary. However, the company realized that the release of the new iPhone technology is not ready, and switched on development and integration in iPhone 8 face detection.

According to the portal iHelp BR, caught in outdoor access code, Apple HomePod will pririsovyvat the details of how the face recognition in practice.

Apparently, the fingerprint scanner in Apple decided not to give up, moving it to the rear panel of the smartphone. This location Touch ID may seem novel to iPhone owners, but users of Android smartphones known him for several years.

What do you think, where in fact the Apple put the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the new iPhone?

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