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League of Angels – Fire Raiders: earth angels

If you follow mobile online “rolevok”, you probably know firsthand about League of Angels – popular RPG made in the style of “anime”. The game has already attracted the attention of many mobile gamers, but recently powerfully renewed – so we have a reason to talk about this app.

Tie in League of Angels is the same as their counterparts in genre: terrible universal evil (the devil Prince) captures the fantasy world and the only company brave heroes can stop large-scale Anschluss. Your task is to coach his team of Japanese rescuers to succeed. For this, first of all, it would be nice to correctly build the composition. You have soldiers and angels: while the first hand out of the cuffs and jammed the blows of enemies with their shields and bodies, the latter are in the side, raising the morale and health of soldiers. From the correct placement of the warriors, from the ability to get maximum craftable victory; League of Angels will require you skills including and a good strategist.

As the fighting automatically, directly to change the situation in the middle of the host will not give you what came to skirmish, and fight. You can, of course, by the finger of God to interfere in the thick of battle, throwing the enemy out of the sky any fireball, but overall you’re rather interested fan than a participant.

So the basic things in League of Angels are not made on the battlefield and beyond. Complete quests, “rock” characters, earn coins, these are the pillars the gameplay rests local. By the way, about pumping – she’s got organized very interesting. Your character in the classic role-playing games grows in levels and gets perks, but the power base rests on the items you get in battle – a successful have an advantage on PVP-arena. With live players you can play not only in the form of duels (both on the server and on others), but within the guilds. You can join third-parties or create your own to show who’s boss – a Paradise for socialgrow.

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The appearance of League of Angels – it’s a different story. The game is clearly painted with an eye on Japanese culture animated design adjusted for current trends: in particular, all the female characters Breasts slightly smaller head. Nice drawn, and the bestiary: all these skeletons, dragons, werewolves and other beasts, they look surprisingly cute and creepy at the same time – as usually happens in anime.

League of Angels the game is free, so do not be surprised unobtrusive proposals to pay for a chest of diamonds. But you can not have to do microtransactions in the game soon for those who are either bad planning, or wants it all. The rest – you and no donation will be feel relaxed. Especially now, when there were many new stages, quests and other content.

In the end, is a rather popular role-playing game beloved by many anime-style. To alienate the adherents of online battles can, perhaps, only automatic combat system. But if you are not a bit concerned – welcome aboard.

Download League of Angels – Fire Raiders for free here.

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