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Lawyers are preparing a lawsuit against Apple for locking the iPhone, renovated in informal service centers

Last update iPhone operating system blocks further use of your smartphone if it detects that it has been renovated not in official representation of Apple, and gives the message “error 53”. As it became known, a law firm in Seattle is preparing a lawsuit against Apple on behalf of thousands of iPhone owners have become useless.

Currently, the company PCVA receives complaints from users who faced the problem in their smartphones. The firm is preparing a class action lawsuit against Apple.

The problem appears after the update is installed on the iPhone, which had renovated the Home button with the recognition function of the fingerprint of the owner, if the repairs were not carried out in authorised service center of Apple. To update the device, it can fix after working fine for weeks or even months.

The problem drew the attention of British news site The Guardian. The publication presents the story of the photographer Antonio Olmos, who has lost the use of iPhone 6 after a few weeks ago I updated the operating system. According to him, he had to repair the iPhone in Macedonia, where he was commissioned by the company and where there is no official representative of Apple. Specialists he replaced the display and the Home button, the phone then worked fine. But when Olmos took the update, the smartphone was locked, gave a “error 53”, and from him it was impossible to do anything. In the Apple Store in London, the photographer said that it will repair or unlock your gadget you can’t.

“We believe that Apple intends forcing users to use their own service centers, which are more expensive than third-party companies”, – reads the statement of the PCVA. The company compared this to how if the brands obliged the drivers to use only the official dealer services.

In Apple claim that this failure occurs because the security checks from Microsoft and is associated with the need to protect user data. According to some, the problem facing more than 180 000 iPhone users.

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