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Lawyer: ban on purchases of foreign software will not create in Russia new Apple and Microsoft

The lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption, member of the Central Council of the “progress Party” Love Sable commented on the proposal of the Ministry to prohibit the procurement of foreign software. In her view, this measure “will not create in Russia new Apple and Microsoft”.

According to Rosbalt, the representatives of the Ministry prepare a government decree direct ban on purchases of foreign software, if there is a domestic analogue.

“In conditions when doing business in white is almost impossible when the level of corruption in the field of entrepreneurship exceeds all conceivable limits, infusion and additional orders in domestic companies will only help those who plays this game, running in gray/black, corruption and connections. No new Apple and Microsoft this measure the Ministry of economy will not create. It will help only those who wanted to increase their market share and was looking for new opportunities in the old paradigm,” she said.

The lawyer has noticed that the President of the Foundation for information democracy Ilya Massukh supported the bill and noted that the Bank bought foreign antivirus software 1.5 billion, “although no worse than domestic”. “Well, Yes, this measure will help Kaspersky to earn an extra million or two, to obtain additional government contracts. But I call it a measure of relief in individual domestic business, not business in General,” she added.

On the eve of the sources said that the Ministry of economic development, most likely, will agree prepared by the Ministry of communications of the draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation about the preferences of the software of Russian origin in public procurement.

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On Wednesday, the project was discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of communications. “With high probability at the end of the technical work on the document it will be or has been agreed upon, or with minor technical edits. This position was expressed yesterday in the Ministry of communications”, — said the representative of the Ministry of economic development.

Earlier, the MAYOR refused to agree on the document, arguing that the proposed mechanisms require further development, namely: to require state agencies to buy domestic, and in the case of purchase of imported soft — to justify its necessity in the tender documentation. The Russian origin of the software will be determined on the basis of the national registry. The Ministry of communications has proposed to consider national software belonging to Russian citizens, the state or companies, the share of Russian citizens in the capital exceeding 50%. The share of payments to the owners of foreign companies must not exceed 30% of the proceeds from the sale of this software.

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