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Lawsuit of the year: a resident of the Tambov region wants to recover from MTS 30 billion rubles

MTS subscriber of the Tambov region have repeatedly sued the company he wants to get 30 billion rubles for the illegal removal of a minute from his account. This is reported by Vedomosti.

The subscriber used the tariff “Smart”: 450 rubles he receives 3 GB of Internet and 500 minutes, after which begins a minute costs 1.5 ruble. 22 day of each month he was writing off, but in June 2016 MTS illegally copied from his free minutes. According to the newspaper, about 6 minutes.

In court tambovchanka refused, citing the legality of write-offs. The representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov said that the calculations with the subscriber was “fair and transparent” that two courts have confirmed.

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