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Launched store tweaks for iOS devices without jailbreak

In August last year MacDigger spoke about the development of a new store tweaks, which works on devices without jailbreak. Utility for modifying applications created by the developers Made Alphari and Kevin Ko, was named Extensify. This week they announced the launch of the beta version of its service.

For Extensify do not need to open root access to the operating system and install Cydia. With the help of a shop you can correct the application, as in the case of the jailbreak tweaks. For example, to remove the limit on the number of photos you upload in WhatsApp, to add to Instagram or Vine button to save photo in memory of the gadget, to remove the limitation on the number of characters in Twitter, launch WhatsApp on your iPad, add a function of downloading videos from YouTube for offline viewing and much more.

The application works as follows. User iPhone and iPad you need to download Extensify to the device, register on the service, choose exos (tweak) and install it. After that on home screen will be a new icon modified app from the App Store with the sign “+” in the title. It will be next to the original application. “Improved” can be used in the same way as usual. The original program will also work.

Extensify, of course, cannot be called a full-fledged Cydia. Utility does not allow, for example, to add new buttons in the control room or change a theme a La Winterboard. However, it opens up new possibilities for developers and users of iOS devices.

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Due to the nature of work Extensify the authors of the program there is concern that Apple could block the store. However, @freemanrepo and @uhelios determined to finish the job. Leave the application for participation in testing on the developers website.

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