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Launched a competitor to Apple’s Metal devices to Android and Windows

In August last year, Google and Khronos Group has introduced a new graphics API for Android, designed to minimize the load on the CPU and GPU to allow more efficient data handling. The development called Vulkan, in fact, is the answer the Internet giant on Apple’s Metal technology. Today the Khronos Group has announced that it prepared specifications Vulkan version 1.0 and launched a new API, which means the simultaneous appearance of many drivers, tests, developer tools, documentation and other things.

The Khronos group has confirmed the test for compliance of the order of 30 drivers companies Imagination Technologies, Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA and ARM. Support for Android 6.0 is already organized Qualcomm and NVIDIA for Windows NVIDIA and AMD.

The peculiarity of Vulkan is to simplify the work with the hardware. The new API provides applications with direct access to the GPU, thus minimizing the dependence on the driver. Vulkan also allows you to better distribute the load on multiple threads. All this improves the responsiveness of the hardware and facilitates the transfer of programs from one platform to another. In fact, in the face of Vulkan we see a resurgence of OpenGL and OpenCL.

Vulkan — cross-platform API and will work on all possible hardware and software platforms, what separates the interface from Apple.

It is noteworthy that unlike DirectX 12, Vulkan supports all modern versions of Windows and is even available on Windows XP. To play all the beauties in compatible games do not need the mandatory move to Windows 10.

At the time the company from Cupertino is out of the team Vulkan API, although I also planned to support this API for iOS and OS X. in the Summer of 2014, the company introduced its own technology. API Metal bypasses the layering of standard graphics API OpenGL ES for mobile games to more direct interaction with the hardware. In Apple claim that the use of Metal enables up to 10 times to increase the speed of rendering graphics on iPhone and iPad. At WWDC 2015, Apple introduced the implementation of technology for Mac computers. Now the Mac and iPhone maker is focused solely on promoting its own Metal API.

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