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Last year Apple bought 15 companies, 5 of them remain a mystery

Over the past year, Apple has swallowed half a dozen companies. The name and occupation of ten of them are known, five other no information.

That Apple has swallowed up 15 companies in the fiscal year 2015, said CEO Tim cook during a conference call dedicated to the publication of quarterly results. According to the Director, the purchased assets will help to expand the product range of the company and to accelerate the development of new services and hardware.

Apple, as a rule, rarely speaking about his purchases, limited to the confirmation of the transaction and the standard answer is: “from time to Time we buy smaller technology companies and typically do not speak, for what purpose do it.” Tim cook noted that Apple bought some companies, “which, apparently, will not remain silent”.

  • Camel Audio: developer of professional music software, known for multi-functional virtual synthesizer Alchemy, as well as several music libraries sound effects.
  • Semetric: British music Analytics service, which record companies can track sales data, album downloads via torrent clients and also statistics on the activity profiles of actors in social networks.
  • FoundationDB: a company that developed one of the most powerful database management system NoSQL FoundationDB Software solutions have become popular due to the high rate ACID-compliant transactions combined with easy scalability.
  • Perceptio – a startup that develops technology to run on smartphones advanced systems of artificial intelligence (AI) that does not require transmission of large amounts of user data.
  • Coherent Navigation, a company dedicated to developing hardware and software navigation support, providing work “precise, safe and reliable communications solutions for users worldwide.”
  • LinX – Israeli start-up specialized in designing innovative cameras for mobile devices. Introduced the world’s first multi-aperture camera for smartphones and tablets.
  • VocallQ – a British company-developer of voice technology, specializing in systems of recognition of voice commands in natural language.
  • Mapsense specializes in the visualization of map data. The company’s solution allows you to process terabytes of map data and build on the basis of their visual models with powerful filtration systems and search, facilitating their analysis.
  • Ottocat – service recommendations of mobile applications designed for popular mobile operating systems.
  • Metaio is a company leading the development and improvement of augmented reality technology for computers and mobile devices.
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Apple has acquired the British manufacturer of digital overlay of sound effects, Camel Audio, maker of databases based on NoSQL FoundationDB, the Israeli software vendor IN smartphone cameras LinX, Analytics startup Semetric, a supplier of GPS technology Coherent Navigation, German developer of augmented reality solutions, Metaio, the developer of the map service Mapsense, producers of speech recognition technology and machine learning – VocalIQ and Perceptio respectively, and some others.

About five companies that have moved under the wing of Apple, no information no.

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