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Large-scale strategy Rome: Total War came out on the iPad

The App Store debuted game Rome: Total War for the iPad. Strategic adventure of epic proportions was released on PCs back in 2007, and on Mac in 2010. the Performance of the current Apple mobile devices allowed to organize a porting project without compromising appearance.

Rome: Total War allows you to turn your iPad into a three-dimensional battlefield, where there are thousands of military units: swordsmen in tight formation, to the rush of chariots. The mobile version was completely redesigned for the needs of the touch control interface.

Players can count on familiarity with a full story campaign, management battles with hundreds of units on screen, and much more. The developers also assured that the original graphics was slightly improved. Added support for high resolution support.

In order to rate Rome: Total War for iOS, you will need at least an iPad Air first generation or second generation iPad mini. Of course, any of the commercially available devices of a ruler the iPad Pro will also work. Also for setting up the strategy will need 4 GB of free space.

Rome: Total War is available for iPad at the price of 9.99 dollars/euros or 749 rubles, depending on the region. Download the game at this link.

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