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Large-scale festival of Pokemon Go on the anniversary of the game, failed due to technical failure

In Chicago failed large-scale festival dedicated to the anniversary games in augmented reality Pokemon Go. Thousands of fans who hoped to catch the rarest pokemon, the promised compensation.

Local press widely announced the upcoming event Pokémon GO Fest. The developers have published a video in which he shared some details of the coming game updates.

“The day will come when the coaches will be able to find unique legendary eggs in gyms around the world, — explained representatives of the company Niantic. — Players will unite with friends and other trainers to join the cooperative raids to battle a legendary pokémon for a chance to catch him”.

About 20,000 people came to Chicago for an event marking the anniversary of the launch of your favorite game. However, the servers failed, and gamers are unable to log in to the app. This angered the people who paid for the ticket to the Congress.

Technical failures occurred because of a combination of two factors: overloaded mobile networks and a few bugs that, as acknowledged by the organizers, were on “their side”. In the end, fans had only to whistle and shout: “Fix our game!”

the CEO of niantic getting booed on stage at go fest pokemon brings me nothing but joy

— Z E F (@therealzef) 22 Jul 2017

Representatives of the Studio of Niantic, who created Pokemon Go, tried to explain the situation and to appease the crowd, but to no avail. The head of the company on the stage even threw a bottle.

In addition to the refund of the $20 spent on tickets to the festival, disappointed the fans as compensation for the proposed $100 in game currency pokecoins, which can be used in the application.

One of a number of chants from this morning, prior to Pokemon Go Fest refunds being announced

— Greg Kumparak (@Grg) July 22, 2017

However, many paid for passage to the territory of the festival a lot more. According to the BBC, the tickets were sold out in 10 minutes, and later speculators, the price reached $400.

Pokemon Go made its debut on iOS and Android in July of last year. It uses augmented reality, in which players with a smartphone-enabled GPS find so-called pokemon. The game has been downloaded over 750 million times. Pokemon Go has brought its creators more than $1 billion, and a festival in Chicago was supposed to be her first official anniversary.

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