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Lara Croft Go – the best mobile puzzle game of the year

Restart games about Lara Croft can officially be considered a success: locomotive, launched in 2012, has now reached such a speed that it seems that someone knocks. Several powerful projects for tablets, absolutely hypnotic the second part of the updated Tomb Raider, which Microsoft holds as the main bargaining chip for their Xbox One and, finally, something for which we all gathered today – Lara Croft Go: diamond, flawless puzzle game with perhaps the most popular female character.

If you have played Hitman Go, you understand about what speech will go. But only if the Hitman was a desktop, but still a variation of the original, that this is another matter entirely. Lara Croft Go not like any part of this branched series. The early editions were also focusing on the puzzle, but there had to deftly push the buttons of the joystick PS One, and secondly, to think. In those games that went from 2004 to 2010, you had to try not to dislocate your jaw, yawning from boredom – not to brainteasers. Finally, the famous restart, the breakdown of sales limit, pressed on anything – QTE, plot scenes, the adventure – but not on the puzzle. In General, before you a whole new perspective on the game completely, however, organic.

The story in the game, but there is minimal help: you need to open the door, behind which lurks an important artifact. The door is too difficult – it can only be opened by different keys, which – yeah, wasn’t expecting – dust in the most distant crypts of one huge cave. Occasionally Lara worried about giant worm-dragon, which there is clearly no accident. That’s all you need to know about what is happening in order to solve puzzles, that’s enough.

Small field, divided into squares-cells. On the field: levers, monsters, some bars and a lot more often. Somewhere in the distance beaming, delighting – saving approaching the exit. To reach it, like, just – but go and get it.

This puzzle is to move one element, it is necessary to reshuffle thirteen. You need to reach the lever? Go around, a snake popped up on the Salamander, she will chase you, get her to step on the override button (gets a lift), beat the bored spider and throw the spear into another snake. At first, I’m not sure what to do – but then, over time, as the 10-th, 15-th attempt ends in nothing, to get the exact solution: Aha, now like this, like that, like that. The first few dozen levels, for children. The last two chapters – test for the strong spirit: after each level you will waste your breath.

Because Lara Croft Go no rating stars, which was at the Heathman, the narrative is not interrupted – just enough to pass the levels, no matter what. If you do not know – there is an interesting option, which is almost 300 rubles tells the secrets of all the locations. To buy it, probably the last thing – what kind of puzzle if you explained Yes showed?

By the way, don’t think that if not the stars, there is no bonus content. There. Lara can do with about a dozen different costumes (including apparel 47-wow), but you need to look around in the background of a landscape typically glows a Golden urn. If you find all, you will discover some outfit – nonsense of course, but stupidity is pleasant, plus a well-order in nostalgic feelings.

In addition, a new suit of Lara is more aesthetic joy. Though the game is cartoonish, but incredibly cute here: even spiders and salamanders look like they want to immediately start a friendship with them. And that bite – so it’s not out of malice. Again, the scenery in the distance constantly lie eternal types of the ruined caves, underground halls, rivers and mountains. Mesmerizing.

Lara Croft Go is extremely rare for current games hell (and even more for puzzles) – very comfortable. Don’t want to. And not even because I wonder (I wonder, and how) – and… well, that just do not want. So, sometimes, will linger in the company of friends and wish only one thing – that it never ended.

But over – despite a difficult final third, the game can go easily for three to four hours. Demand, of course, more levels!

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