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Landing of the Falcon 9 rocket, a room of van Gogh, Minecraft, and other wonders of augmented reality in iOS 11

Apple at WWDC 2017 introduced a new platform ARKit. It is designed to help developers in creating content to augmented and mixed reality on iPhone and iPad. The developers have demonstrated impressive early results with the new tool.

In a recent interview Tim cook admiringly told about the technology of augmented reality. In his opinion, it is not limited to age, country and other factors, including smartphones.

Every day in the network appears a lot of unique examples of ARKit. Programmer Thomas Garcia posted a video with the Falcon 9 landing in the backyard of his home. The developer operated the missile using the iPhone 7.

Garcia said that before the release of ARKit he never worked with augmented reality technologies. In other words, Apple has created a simple and affordable platform for developers.

Another video demonstrates how ARKit can be used for drawing in space. Looks really cool, although it is not yet clear how such a function can be applied in real situations.

More advanced video Mark Dawson shows how to create a “virtual room of van Gogh”. After that the developer conducts a short tour of the premises with ARKit. It is possible to note many details in this project, including paintings, furniture, trees outside the window.

Clip from Econsor Mobile allows you to look at a cottage on the field. Thus, ARKit can be used to design directly on the construction site. According to the developers, Google Tango is more suitable for working indoors and on the street can cause problems with tracking. But the platform ARKit compatible with a large number of devices, which makes it more convenient to use.

Other examples of the use of ARKit:

The moon landing:


The plane FK23:

Sea battle

Parking with ARKit:

Extreme ARKit:

ARKit + Unity + Overwatch:

Sawing door:

Test BB-8:

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