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Компания Huawei представила свой аналог Animoji

29.11.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Huawei has shown off a new flagship V10 Honor in China. One of the key features of the smartphone is an improved analogue of Animoji.

Компания Huawei представила свой аналог Animoji

Chinese manufacturers often replicate the capabilities of Apple smartphones, and this case was no exception. While Huawei claims is largely superior to a competitor and created an improved version of Animoji.

Unlike TrueDepth cameras in iPhone X, V10 uses a laser. Instead, a special camera that creates three-dimensional “map” of human face scans it and transfers the received data to a 3D model.

Компания Huawei представила свой аналог Animoji

With new sensors the Huawei V10 owners will be able to give animated characters their emotions and share them with friends. Just like Apple, but, according to representatives of the Chinese brand, their Animoji more advanced and technological. The characters themselves are much better drawn. They are far from simple emoticons. Sensors, due to which they are working, it is better read people’s emotions and muscle movement. For example, animated pandas and monkey take out the language when it makes the user.

Development Huawei will be used to unlock the gadget in the manner of a Face ID, but in other, newer models.

Earlier the Chinese company made fun of Apple and technology Face ID, beating incident occurred when unlocking iPhone X during the presentation on September 12.

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