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Know everything owned units: 10 exclusive Apple products

Most people, even if not fluent mobile gadgets Apple or Mac, you still heard about such products as iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, not to mention the MacBook. Some, however, believe these gadget consumer goods… unlike the next ten Apple products.

In 2013, within the framework of the charity project PRODUCT (RED) Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive has developed a special version of the workstation Mac Pro in red color. Exclusive Mac went under the hammer for $977 000, making it the most expensive new computer. Then Ive developed a unique version of the EarPods. Accessory, created in collaboration with artist Marc Newson, produced of pink gold and sold at auction for an incredible $460 000.

But to be able to do computers and accessories worth a million dollars (and actually sell them), Apple has taken many decades. However, as noted by Delfi, that didn’t stop her from doing rare products before.

For example, a wall tapestry with original Apple logo artist Worlds barg, which was included in the gift catalog Apple 1983. Only the artist has created, and created manually 27 such tapestries. Two were donated by the founders of Apple Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak, and the remaining 25 sold for $350 each ($850 in 2015 prices).

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) – Apple computer, 1997, the 20th anniversary. This is one of the first projects of Jonathan Quince. Per car, limited edition, asked for $7499 and she, in addition to complete configuration and unique appearance, could boast of having Bose speakers and a set of unique sounds that she reproduced at boot.

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And ten years earlier, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Apple, the company issued 50,000 IIGS computers, on the front panel which was the autograph of co-founder Steve Wozniak. PC owners could send in the Apple special registration form and receive a special certificate confirming the possession of a unique computer. The certificate was signed by Wozniak and 12 top-Apple engineers.

In 1986, Apple released something that is never released when Steve Jobs (it’s been a year since it was not in the company) — a line of home and household accessories with the company logo. There were even the first Apple Watch!

In the same year, the company and looked to the fashion world.

After that, the experiments with the goods “limited edition” for a long time stopped — penknives and caps not helped the company to emerge from the crisis, and Steve jobs, when he returned to Apple, at first it was not before — he was involved in the revolutions. Exception is iPod fourth generation with red insert — a special version of the band U2, which helped the company to promote the player.

The last of the “exclusives” of the company associated with Apple Watch. In particular, we are talking about gold plated bracelets for watches that cannot be ordered for any money. Smart watch with such bracelets the company gave beyoncé, Kanye West, Karl Lagerfeld and some other celebrities.

In addition, the head of the company, Tim cook, was spotted with the watch Apple Watch with steel band and the red crown is the only Apple Watch in the world in a similar configuration. However, most likely it was one of the prototypes, now that cook is much more “standard” model.

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