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Klimenko: users will not notice the tax for downloading application

Russian users will not notice the introduction of “tax on Google”, because the developers and so raise prices due to the fall of the ruble. This view was expressed by the adviser of the President of Russia on the Internet Herman Klimenko.

If you will be collecting VAT from the IT companies, users will hardly notice it, Klimenko declared in interview RSN. According to him, the question about the change in prices when introducing a “tax on Google” is irrelevant if the fluctuation of the ruble exchange rate, because in General there is a trend on the rise.

“If we add 18% to any price that is now, for example, Apple as the music was worth 169 rubles at the rate of 30, now it’s the same price – it still needs to grow, regardless [of collecting VAT from IT companies]. We movies, for example, is cheaper than in the West. They are about $ 20, we movies were 300 rubles, when I was 30, now we have the movies are $ 5. Clearly, it will grow, and against this background, the VAT per se will not play a role,” — said Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation.

Klimenko said that everyone needs an excuse to raise prices, but if users aren’t buying, the price tags is also not growing. He said earlier that the collection of VAT with IT companies that provide electronic services on the territory of Russia, will bring in Treasury of the country several hundred million dollars.

According to Putin, the same rules for Russian and foreign companies will shape the IT market. “Our Russian companies registered in foreign offshore zones and went through the RUB, because just to get the win. This pulling is necessary for nobody”, — said Klimenko.

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February 16, the profile Committee of the state Duma supported the bill obliging Russian and foreign IT-companies that provide e-services on the territory of Russia, to pay VAT. The Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications recommended the adoption of the document in the first reading follows from the text of the Committee’s decision. It is also recommended to submit the opinion on the draft law to the state Duma Committee on budget and taxes.

On 1 February President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed at the legislative level to ensure equal conditions of conducting the activities of Internet companies in Russia.

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