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Klimenko: Telegram founder Pavel Durov can be recruited by Western intelligence agencies

Adviser to the President on the Internet Herman Klimenko considers that the Telegram founder Pavel Durov can be recruited by U.S. intelligence. This opinion he expressed in an interview with the Lenta.

“Such possibility cannot be excluded, — said Klimenko his assumption about Durov. And now he maintains a reputation as a secure of Telegram service”.

“Because we know how clearly the American law enforcement agencies. A man writes on Twitter that he wants to kill Obama, and receives a prison sentence. And suddenly the terrorists are using Telegram, and so far no consequences. It is at least strange,” – said Klimenko.

The state should be able to get access to the correspondence of citizens, said the aide. “The current laws did not emerge out of thin air, he said. — The modern state system is ancient history, and legal aspects also have evolved over time. Much of what we argue today, the right of access to correspondence, conducting searches, invasion of privacy, which was discussed in the Roman Empire”.

Klymenko stressed that no calls to close Telegram, but added that “in the current circumstances and with such a policy of management of the service it is definitely is waiting for the closure”.

A day earlier, Obama gave another great interview to Ksenia Sobchak, which stated that the adviser to the President himself is the messenger Telegram. “Good service,” — said Klimenko your choice, but added that close it still need.

After the appointment of the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on development of online German Klimenko began to appear frequently in the media and social networks. In January, he stated that the Telegram will be closed for a maximum of two years, and the lock Klymenko called Comedy.

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