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Kingston introduced the “world’s largest” USB flash drive with capacity of 2 TB

How much memory your Mac? 256 GB? 512 GB? Kingston has unveiled the world’s largest USB flash drive that is designed to completely solve the problem of shortage of space.

Model Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is available in two variants — 1 and 2 TB. The manufacturer calls them, most capacious USB flash drives in the world.

It is clear that this USB drive can not be Packed in ordinary plastic case: the manufacturer uses a special zinc alloy high tensile strength.

A flash-drive comes with a classic USB connector, not USB C. So that the owners of the new MacBook Pro will have to get a adapter. In this connector, the USB 3.1, which should provide high speed of data exchange with the computer.

The novelty will go on sale in February 2017. About the cost of the 2-TB version of the DataTraveler Ultimate GT can only guess. It is likely that the most capacious in the world of the stick will be the most expensive.

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