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Kingston introduced a flash drive with two connectors – Type-C and Type-A

Kingston, a well-known supplier of memory modules and the external storage, provided the USB flash drive with reversible USB interface-C. Initially, the new device will be aimed at use with the latest Apple laptops, but then these drives will be used throughout.

New USB flash drives Kingston has two connectors: standard USB-A, known since 1997; and also the newest reversible USB-C, appeared on the market this year. Due to the presence of two physical connectors, users can transfer files between the latest devices and computers with standard USB ports.

Announced flash drives DataTraveler microDuo 3C have a volume in 16, 32 and 64 GB. Read speed up to 100MB/s, write speed — 15 MB/s (in case of modifications of 32 and 64 GB).

New storage devices Kingston is unlikely to become popular overnight because PC with USB Type-C is still very rare. Today, exclusively on 12-inch MacBook and Google Chromebook Pixel features a USB-C. However, Kingston deserves praise for what was one of the first enters the market drives with the latest interface.

“Our new flash drive DataTraveler microDuo 3C received two socket — USB-A and USB-C, — told the head of the unit for the production of flash-Kingston Jean Wang. Is an indispensable device with which the user will get more free space for data storage and the ability to share them instantly”.

Kingston’t call rates to your new drive. Typically all unique novelties are a bit more expensive than conventional devices.

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