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“Killer” WhatsApp from MTS

December 14, MTS launches its own service for call and SMS MTS Connect. Edition Banki decided to figure out what to expect from new products and what goals the operator, making an attempt to enter an already established market of OTT services.

That the operator develops a “killer Skype and WhatsApp” became known in the beginning of this year. It was reported that the volume of investments in development and equipment amounted to more than $ 100 million. At the time of preparation of the material to seek comment from MTS failed. According to available information, the basis of the MTS Connect on the concept of RCS (Rich Communication Services — advanced communication services) developed by the GSM Association (GSMA). If a mobile operator will be able to realize all its inherent capabilities, the product can get really interesting.

The subscriber may be prompted functionally enhanced phone book, text messages and video calls, file transfer, integration with social networks, etc. All these services will be tied to the phone number of the subscriber. Thus, no further registration in a new network to produce is not necessary.

Most of these functions, according to MTS, will be available to users of MTS Connect: video calls, voice calls, messaging and files will be offered to the user for free, regardless of what network it is currently connected — cellular or Wi-Fi. Will be charged according to the tariff plan that the subscriber uses. On December 14, the application can set the residents of the Moscow region using smartphones running iOS and Android. In the rest of Russia, the service will become available in 2016.

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Foreign operators are on similar paths, with one difference — in the quality of decision to launch its own OTT service used third-party solutions. MTS has decided to use its own development. Practice is no charge for the use of new services is also common: operators are introducing new services free, waiting for filling the address database.

According to experts, users of services such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others, quite conservative, and lure them to a new service, the more tied to a specific operator, it will be difficult. According to “Vedomosti”, MTS plans — no solicitation of users of existing services, and create their own “ecosystem”, based on “sviatkivska” subscribers, not used to this OTT services. According to CommNews, MTS will MTS Connect preinstall for branded devices and is negotiating with manufacturers of smartphones.

From the actions of third-party services to exchange messages and voice calls to cellular operators in 2014 alone has lost about 2% of its revenue, or about 15-20 billion rubles. According to forecasts, more “damages” will bring the passing year — this figure will increase by at least 10 billion

In General, it can be stated that the undeclared war on alternative means of sending messages is lost. Due to systematic development of mobile Internet, the balance may swing back in the opposite direction only in the case of the ban initiative on the part of legislators.

However, the period of attacks on OTT-services by operators, it seems, will stop soon by itself: according to a report by AC&M Consulting, income from the transfer of SMS in the third quarter of 2015 increased. The cause of packet rates with a large number of included messages.

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The future for “friendship” either manufacture its own product. The first attempt of interaction with OTT services have taken “Beeline”, ceasing to charge the traffic of WhatsApp messenger. However, the full cooperation action. First, it is limited in time, and secondly that WhatsApp voice calls are charged the same. Thus, the subscribers, using packet rates, they say, “either warm or cold”: the quantity of traffic is measured not even a hundred megabytes per month.

Of those who decided to go his own way, it can be noted MegaFon, which has long been a service of “Multifon”, and which failed to come close in the number of subscribers to any of the popular third-party solutions. Moreover, it seems that the app has stalled: the latest version of “Multifon” in the app stores from Google and Apple is dated 2013, and on the application page for Windows, you can see the warning message “application Support “Multifon” for personal computers is suspended until the release of the updated software in the second half of 2015.”

According to the Director for strategic development audit-consulting group “Business profile” Armen Danielyan, MTS with its study “came to the messenger of synthesis with cellular communication, which is a new option of the interaction of OTT services and mobile operators, though not based on a specific operator. That is, in the near future we should expect the emergence of hybrid service is able to provide users to communicate not only via Internet but also via cellular communication channels.

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