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“Killer” iPhone from Belarus got the screen on the entire front panel

The designer from Belarus Roman Club have developed the appearance of the new phone “Horizon”, which, according to his idea, must successfully compete with the iPhone. He expressed concern that his country is still not released even a single smartphone, so we came up with a concept device that must be carried out in Belarus.

According to the published materials, the characteristics of novelty must not give in to the iPhone 6s Plus. Russia’s first smartphone has received a 5.5-inch display “edge to edge” with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4 GB of RAM, flash drive 64 GB, the battery capacity of 4000 mAh, two slots for SIM-cards and the body thickness of 7.2 mm. in Addition, the device is equipped with main and front cameras, with a resolution of 16 and 8 MP, respectively.

Information about the processor yet, but there is certainty regarding the operating system. The gadget should work on the basis of Android, to have a redesigned UI in the Belarusian language and local service as their primary search engine. The cost of “Horizon” the author of the concept of silence.

The club believes that as the manufacturer of the smartphone can act as a local holding “Horizont”. Tube according to its characteristics and the design looks very real product, but can a company release such a device, yet the big question. Previously, Horizon has developed several tablets, however, beyond the representation of devices at the exhibition, it did not.

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