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“Killer” iMac from Microsoft will be available not earlier than 2017

Last week, Microsoft officially unveiled its own monoblock PC Studio Surface, while simultaneously announcing the beginning of receiving pre orders for the new product.

Whose share of the market, Microsoft has attempted with his candy bar, was an easy guess. I must say that in his desire to “squeeze every penny” of the “creative class” Apple is not alone – the price of the touch Surface Studio on Windows 10 was not the most humane: from $2999 to $4199.

It was argued that the first Surface Studio ordered will be delivered to customers on December 15 this year. However, now at the official online store everyone to enjoy the computer all-in-one expect a very pleasant surprise – the line stretched until 2017. A more specific time frame at the moment the manufacturer to indicate not.

Of course, the reason for the shortage may be two. Either Microsoft has released too little Surface Studio, underestimating the demand, or wanting to buy a candy bar were so many that a decent debut party at all is not enough. Free the attached manipulator Microsoft Surface Dial that from the first of December will be offered for a fee of $ 100 will serve as little consolation for those who are willing to get in line now.

In any case, it is likely that by the time of the sale to Surface Studio, the Cupertino-based company presents a new generation iMac. According to rumors, Apple is going to present an updated all-in early next year.

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