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“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 was accused of cheating in benchmarks

Benchmarks do not reflect the actual performance of the smartphone, especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets. However, this does not stop Android manufacturers from trying by unfair means to improve the results in the test packages.

Several years ago there was a lot of disturbances, when it became clear that some manufacturers of Android smartphones have resorted to dishonest ways of overstatement of test results in the benchmarks. The overstatement of results in the benchmarks sinned almost all the major manufacturers including Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC. As it turned out, cheating in tests and OnePlus 5, which only managed to announce.

Phone software understands that it was running the benchmark, and keeps the maximum frequency of the CPU and GPU. In tests, the smartphone processor runs at maximum frequency 95% of the time. After the feature is disabled in OS, the maximum frequency was achieved only for 24.4% of the time.

This leads to a situation when tests show the maximum performance possible 5 OnePlus and not real in everyday tasks.

Tellingly, some manufacturers not only admit to using optimizations (higher frequency CPU and GPU when it detects a running AnTuTu benchmark and other tests), but also believe it is just a function, demonstrating the maximum capacity of the device, and not a Scam.

On the other hand, synthetic tests are always far from reality, and a number of points in AnTuTu or Geekbench is not an indicator of speed of mobile as a whole, as proven by the dozens of comparative tests.

Moreover, the performance of modern processors has long been redundant and it is simply nowhere to use it, so OnePlus, of course, be admonished for such actions, but actually for end users, this changes nothing.

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