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“Killer” FaceTime from Google debuted in the App Store

Today in the Russian App Store, the release of an app for video calls Google Duo. The company announced application August 16, and positions it as a replacement for the service of video calls FaceTime from Apple.

Duo is designed exclusively for video calling and for nothing else. The advantage of program is that it is not loaded with unnecessary features. Duo only works on smartphones, tied to the phone number and requires no additional setup — no registration, no making lists of friends. Duo no group calls, no stickers. This is an analogue of FaceTime, but it works not only on iPhone and iPad.

The only special feature is the Knock Knock: the recipient will see the camera image of the caller before you answer the phone. This should help him to decide whether to take up right now (and the caller — gestures and faces to convince someone to pick up the phone).

Through the use of different technologies (manual setting and optimization of codecs, measurement bandwidth, etc.), Google promises users Duo can provide very high quality of the connection. Feature of the service is the function of flexibly adjusting the video quality depending on the speed of your Internet connection. And with a very bad connection quality Google Duo switches to voice calls that will actually allow you to use the app even in 2G networks.

Users have not yet the opportunity to select the mode of voice calls. However, Google confirmed that already working on expanding the functionality of the Google Duo, and soon app users will be able to make voice calls even with fairly high speed Internet connection.

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Google managed to make a great app for video calls one-on-one, renouncing everything, that only you can give: version for computers, group calls, ability to use one account on multiple devices. It remains to determine whether that’s enough to win the audience over.

Download Google Duo for iPhone at this link.

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