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KGI: Apple does not have time to develop software for their products

KGI analysts believe that the problem is Apple not the “hardware” and “software”. The company simply does not have time to create a decent software.

“The Apple employees do not get to realize their strategy in introducing innovative technologies due to the fact that new hardware products are created faster than software,” – said Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the experts KGI.

Kuo focused on augmented reality technology. According to him, competitors are very quick to adapt and show worthy inventions in this field. And since the announcement ARKit almost a year ago in the App Store does not add any truly popular and impressive product using this technology.

By that time, while Apple will convince users that ARKit this is really interesting, Google and Samsung have modified the processors, camera and system to provide a better support augmented reality.

The plight of Apple will not change in the near future. Due to the fact that new versions of iOS and macOS have been found serious bugs and vulnerabilities, Apple will focus on stability and performance. This, in turn, will again delay the release of new features and updates of key software products.

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