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KFC built in Bluetooth keyboard in the trays, so people are not making a mess on the screens of smartphones [video]

The KFC chain of restaurants in Germany was placed in trays Bluetooth keyboard — instead of the usual paper pallets. The idea of the company is to allow users to type on smartphones and tablets during meals – without dirtying the touch screen.

Wireless keyboard has replaced the regular visitors of the pieces of paper, which traditionally are laying on the trays. When visitors of fast food restaurants eat dishes hands, they can communicate with friends using flexible keyboard unit and not pushing dirty fingers on the display of their gadgets. The keyboard can be connected to any device – smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The keyboard can be thrown out, or rather it is intended to make it threw. On the other hand, it is rechargeable, so many are probably take home an unusual souvenir. Which the company apparently wants to do.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is not the first time uses technological products in their campaigns. Last year the company released a keyboard, a mouse and a USB stick in the form of pieces of fried chicken for the Japanese market.

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