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Keyboard in iOS 11: from A to z

iOS 11 will be released soon and will add in smartphones and tablets from Apple a large number of new chips. Some of the most interesting new features and modes have the standard keyboard that will help you type faster.

the iPhone 7 Plus is great for video viewing and consumption of any content, but at the same time inconvenient for typing with one hand. Fortunately, iOS 11 the developers have added a new mode for the keyboard that simplifies its use. Below — instructions for enabling and using this feature.

First of all, you need to install iOS 11 on your smartphone. You need to register in the beta program for new software, download profile of the tester and install on your iPhone or iPad. In the system there are still bugs, so it is recommended to wait for the official release, which will be held in the fall.

The inclusion of new features via settings

  • You must open the Settings app
  • Go to “General” > “Keyboard” > “control Mode with one hand”
  • Here you can choose between the following options:

    • Disable — Disables the mode control with one hand.
    • For the left hand Shifts the keyboard to the left.
    • Right-hand — Shifts the keyboard to the right.

    Fast switching between modes, the keyboard

    Constantly go into the settings can be awkward, so to switch between keyboards directly during writing the text:

  • You need to open the keyboard on iPhone
  • If your phone includes only one keyboard, hold down the Emoji icon in the lower left corner to open the menu-switch. If you have multiple keyboards, hold down should be an icon with a globe.
  • A menu appears-switch, the bottom of which are the settings mode.
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    Click on one of the icons to do the following:

    • To move the keyboard left — click on the icon to the left.
    • To move the keyboard in the right corner — click on the icon on the right.
    • Enable normal keyboard — click on the middle icon.

    Other chips keyboard in iOS 11

    The keyboard on the iPad in iOS 11 received a very handy feature. Now the numbers and symbols are visible above the buttons with the letters as normal for computer keyboards. This feature is called “Key Flicks” and you need to hold down one of the buttons. This feature is not available on the iPhone, perhaps due to lack of space.

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