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“Kaspersky’s laboratory” has warned about the epidemic of banking Android Trojans in Russia

“Kaspersky lab” analyzed cyber threats for the third quarter of this year and found that for the July-September number of Android-Trojans has increased by 4 times. Russia in the ranking, compiled on the basis of the number of users subjected to attacks, took third place. In conjunction with spyware also steals users ‘ personal data, including of a financial nature, this category of threats has even surpassed the share of SMS Trojans, which still pose a danger.

Experts report that in Russia suffered 0,32%. In second place was Korea (0,4%), after Australia (0,85%). It is important that the share of mobile banking Trojans has grown rapidly, so that in this period it increased by as much as 4 times.

“Cyber threats and the attackers react to all the changes that occur in the behavior of users, their preferences and devices. That’s why throughout this year, we see that cyber criminals are increasingly attempting to gain access to the mobile devices of users and their data,” said anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Roman Unuchek.

However, attempts of stealing money from online Bank accounts by infecting their PC in the third quarter met significantly less often than in the previous three months. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, in July-September was recorded at 625 000 of such cases, as in the previous quarter was 755 000.

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