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Kaspersky: Windows Phone less vulnerable to viruses than iOS and Android

Eugene Kaspersky, an expert in the field of information security and the head of “Kaspersky Lab”, producing antivirus products, said that mobile platforms iOS and Android are characterized by multiple vulnerabilities, while Windows Phone still not available.

“The most dangerous scenario is associated with the iPhone. However, he is unlikely since it is very difficult to develop malicious software in connection with the closed nature of the iOS operating system. However, in any environment there are vulnerabilities. If there is something wrong, and millions of smartphones will be infected, there is no antivirus, because developers are not allowed to create similar tools for Apple-system,” said Kaspersky.

According to experts, Android is not less dangerous: it befalls a myriad of brutal attacks. But Windows Phone is still clean, the more Microsoft will implement a strong layer of security in the next release of the platform — Windows 10 Mobile.

Kaspersky believes that the simplest way to avoid problems with security on mobile devices is that they disconnect from the Internet. Curiously, the virus does not use the smartphone in his pocket he is an older model of Sony Ericsson.

Earlier guru antivirus software said that the developers of viruses for Windows is easier than the developers of those for Mac. “It just makes attacks on iOS and OS X more expensive. Attackers are obsessed with iOS, and there are many, many vulnerabilities,” said he. Kaspersky added that today 97% of all cyber attacks in the world focused on mobile device.

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