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Kaspersky told why Kaspersky Safe Browser is better than Safari in iOS

It is no secret that the Network is not too much malware. However, this does not mean that iPhone and iPad users can relax and not worry about the protection — there are phishing sites, spammers and carders: they prey on all users regardless of what device prefer their victims, according to “Kaspersky Lab”.

Specifically for owners of iOS devices the company has released Kaspersky Safe Browser. In addition to the usual tools for viewing web pages, the browser provides protection from malware and phishing sites.

Kaspersky Safe Browser is a free application that the interface resembles Safari, and works with all popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo. The browser blocks phishing and fraud sites and links to web resources by spammers. Thus, the financial and personal information remains protected.

The Kaspersky Safe Browser developers said that the software protects including from the most recent threats, because it gets updates from the cloud in real time. That is, every time experts of “Kaspersky Lab” detects a malicious website, the cloud informs the secure browser and the app immediately adds the address to its database.

Download Kaspersky Safe Browser for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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