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Kaspersky: the “invincibility” of iOS and macOS is a myth, it’s all about the low popularity of the iPhone and Mac

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of “Kaspersky Lab”, the forum FINOPOLIS 2016 commented on the news about 350 million rubles stolen by hackers from Android users in Russia. According to him, the reason for the popularity of Google among cybercriminals is the prevalence of this OS, and that iOS and macOS are more secure.

According to “Kaspersky Lab”, the company captures every day some 300,000 cyber-attacks of various types on a mobile device, with more than 60% users at least once have been under attack. Until 2011, this was not a problem.

Kaspersky confirmed that the highest number of attacks is fixed on devices running Android. However, the causes of vulnerability “guglofonov” and the alleged “invincibility” of macOS and iOS purely demographic, added the expert.

Kaspersky noted that the number of users of iOS and macOS are much smaller than the audience of Android users, so they seem safer. There are not many able Mac developers, and, accordingly, much smaller and cybercriminals specializing in the Apple platform.

“No other reason “special security” OS from Apple is not” – said Kaspersky.

Earlier it became known that in the period from the second quarter 2015 to first quarter 2016 the hackers stole from the accounts of the users of Android devices in Russia about 348,6 million.

From the report Group-IB, it follows that in comparison with the similar interval the year 2014-2015, the amount stolen increased by almost 5 times on 471%. Such abductions specializiruetsya 11 criminal groups — each of them on average makes 350 thefts per day, yielding an average of 4 000 per transfer.

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