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Kaspersky Password Manager: secure password Manager for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Passwords — the basic, most important and at the same time, probably the most unpleasant part of the protection. Short passwords are easy to remember, but using them is dangerous; a long and strong passwords are difficult to learn, especially if you use a unique combination for each account. And so it is necessary if you care about the security of your accounts.

On iPhone and iPad to use passwords less convenient: you can spend a few minutes to enter the complex combination with the on-screen keyboard. The solution can be the application of Kaspersky Password Manager.

Instead of storing in the memory a dozen unique passwords, you have to remember only one master password is the main combination that is needed to access the Password Manager. If your device supports Touch ID, you can log in to Password Manager’s password using the fingerprint scanner, both on Mac and iPad or iPhone.

Have Password Manager is another useful feature: it allows you to check how good of a combination of uses. It is sufficient to choose the “Check password security” and the app will show which combinations are reliable and which are better replaced.

If it is difficult to come up with a new combination, Password Manager allows you to generate a password. By default, the program is a combination of 12 characters with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Optionally, you can generate a super-password with length up to 99 characters.

Kaspersky Password Manager is cloud application. This means that data is synced on all devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. Therefore, users do not have to enter the passwords from the screen of a gadget — instead, you can enter them with a comfortable keyboard laptop, and the program will automatically transfer all data to other devices. In addition, you can open and edit the password list on the website

The basic version of Kaspersky Password Manager are available for free. Download the Mac version at this link, for iPhone and iPad is here.

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