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“Kaspersky lab”: Mac computers need antivirus, this is the reality

19.04.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

It is believed that Mac computers do not need to install an antivirus program. Integrated security macOS enough to protect the user from any kind of attacks. On the question of whether it’s true or a myth, tried to answer official partner of “Kaspersky Lab” Konstantin Manaev in an interview with BFM. According to him, the opinion about the absolute security of Apple computers before the virus threats is a myth and on a Mac you need to install antivirus.

"Kaspersky lab": Mac computers need antivirus, this is the reality

“Until recently, among users there was a persistent myth about the security of the macOS platform. “Viral misery” with Apple, in fact, occur much less frequently, it is true. But it’s not because they use a more secure operating system, and due to the fact that it is much less common,” – said the expert.

Minaev noted that in 2012 the quantity of created anti-virus entries for macOS has increased by 30% in comparison with 2011, and the Flashfake Trojan managed to create the largest ever botnet consisting of more than 700,000 IOS devices around the world. This, in his opinion, suggests that the number of Mac users has already reached the necessary critical mass to attract the attention of virus writers.

"Kaspersky lab": Mac computers need antivirus, this is the reality

“For 2015 products “Kaspersky Lab” has blocked 3.5 million attempts to infect computers on OS X. Also, during this period the experts of the company found more than 3 000 new malicious programs for this platform. However, the landscape of cyber threats is no longer limited to viruses and other malware: phishing, bad a secure connection, the low level of cyberprotest users and other “weak points” give criminals the opportunity to penetrate on almost any device, whether computers are on Windows or Mac, and smartphones on Android or iOS”, – said the expert.

In the Lab, stressed that they see this trend, therefore, in the present product line, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac and Virus Scanner Pro for Mac and AdCleaner.


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