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Kaspersky called the myth of the secure Mac: it’s the lack of developers

Hackers are relatively rare attack computers on macOS because of lack of developers who could write the necessary software for this platform. This was stated by the founder of the antivirus company “Kaspersky Lab” Eugene Kaspersky at Mobile World Congress 2017.

“Mac OS – many people think that it is a safe platform, but unfortunately, it is not. Cyber criminals don’t pay much attention to Mac OS, as to find an engineer for Mac software development is quite difficult”, – quotes TASS of the word virus.

According to the businessman, a company engaged in the development of software, know about it, because they are faced with such a problem.

Most often, attackers make attacks on Windows devices, said Kaspersky. “The number of attacks on this platform for hundreds of millions,” he said. At the same time, the Android platform (owned by Google) is under the scrutiny of hackers, and they spend a lot of time and other resources trying to attack it.

Growing interest among hackers is and Linux, which is often used in the devices of the Internet of things. According to Kaspersky, the trend of cyber attacks with the use of “irons and refrigerators” will continue in the future. He added that “smart machines” are also vulnerable to hackers.

The founder of antivirus company using the old push-button Sony Ericsson, he demonstrated in his speech.

“My dream is to have a device that can’t be hacked, with zero risk of hacker attacks. I want to live in a world of “smart things”, but it needs a lot to change,” he said, stressing that “Kaspersky Lab” is working in this direction.

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