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Kanye West brought the competitor to the Apple Music in the first place in App Store

App streaming service Tidal was released first in the us App Store following the release of the new album Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”. The new album release was accompanied by a series of tweets from the musician, in which he urged all its users to install the application.

“I beg all music lovers. Please subscribe to Tidal! I decided they would not release the album for another week. Please subscribe to Tidal,” writes West. A message appeared on Twitter account of a musician after he admitted to multi-million dollar debt to creditors.

It was expected that West will release the album on their official website, but after a week delay, the release was moved to the Appendix, which is owned by Jay-Z.

Streaming service Tidal, was restarted in March last year. It focuses on streaming music of high quality. Created by Jay-Z service, according to the rapper, is “the first music service that combines music with the best sound quality, video at high resolutions and recommendations of experts”.

American rapper jokingly considers himself the greatest musician among the living, he even called the Facebook founder to invest $1 billion Why did they build schools in Africa if you can become patrons of one of the greatest artists of all time, asked by The Verge, Recalling the statements of Kanye West about charity initiatives of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. The rapper urged his fans via social networks to bring Zuckerberg to his request.

“Mark, I’m publicly asking for help”, — has been simmering in Twitter account Kanye West. Apparently, he is much in need of financial aid. Given that the debts of the musician at the moment, reach 53 million.

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