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Kantar: iOS is growing in all major markets, the iPhone 7 remains the most popular smartphone

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 in September of last year, which could not affect the sales of “Apple” smartphones. The machine was able not only to increase the market share of iOS system, but also to bring it closer to Android.

IOS continues to grow in all major markets, the report suggests research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Experts have compiled statistics to indicate the prevalence of one or thereof, the mobile platform.

According to the study analysts concluded that the days when somehow affected by the presence on the market Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS and Symbian in the past. The market is divided between iOS and Android. Moreover, in different regions the share of these OS are different. In the US, the share of iOS rose by 2.9% and reached 42%, the presence of Android is here described by a value of 56.4%

In Europe (limited to Analytics data, the five largest markets — the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) iOS is 22.7%. With this iPhone 7 was the most popular smartphone in France, Germany and the UK.

Although at MWC introduced many new Android devices, their impact on the balance of power was minimal, analysts.

In the largest smartphone market, China, share of iOS is 16.6%. According to Kantar’s data, Apple’s mobile platform ahead of Android in Japan — 49,5% vs 49.0% of.

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