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Kaliningrad officials forbade “enemy” Skype, Viber, Yahoo.Mail and offered as an alternative to ICQ

In the municipal institutions of Kaliningrad has imposed a ban on the use of “the products and services of foreign Internet companies.” This should be the message of the press service of the city administration.

The order, signed by Deputy head of administration of Kaliningrad Anna Appolonova, the attached list of “enemy” of the software and is recommended for use domestic counterparts.

Among those under the ban – messengers Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, ooVoo, email, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and even “Yandex.Mail” (in the app specified is registered in the Netherlands in 2004, joint-stock company Yandex N. V., which is the umbrella holding structure), cloud storage Dropbox, “Google drive”, “Yandex.Disk”, Microsoft One Drive, Google analytic Metrics and “Yandex.Metric”, and services to manage sites Google Sites Profis CMS and others.

Alternatively, officials propose to use for corporate cloud storage domestic counterparts (OOO “1S-Bitriks”), “Облако” (Mail.Ru Group), chat using instant messengers ICQ, QIP, “Mail Agent” and the use of electronic mail “Rambler mail”, “KM post”.

It is worth Recalling that in early December, President Vladimir Putin approved the new doctrine of information security of the country. The document States that the limitless possibilities of circulation of information “is increasingly used to achieve geopolitical, terrorist, extremist and criminal purposes” and a number of foreign countries increases the impact of information on Russia.

Among the main provisions of the doctrine — countering such effects, as well as the protection of young people against the erosion of traditional moral values, the neutralization of explosions of foundations and Patriotic traditions, the identification of religious, ethnic, human rights and other organizations involved in the destabilization and undermining of sovereignty, the development of control system for Internet and other.

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