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“Kachalka” – a must-have app for the fitness subscription

To start going to the gym, as you know, you have three days until the summer. In particularly desperate cases, for one. Suddenly something happens. But seriously, now is the optimum time to bring myself up on one side, a waterfall of folds can be reliably hide stretched over a sweater and jeans with lining, other – full-time this falls to turn in the bumpy threshold of the muscles. Before the summer’s still far away, so make the body can slowly and with feeling: at home or in the middle of the ocean with iron things. Well, this will help the app in the “Kachalka” – despite a volatile name, a really useful thing.

The program is divided into several functions – description of the types of muscles and exercises and all sorts of important calculators and power modes. The “iron” part here is done with such a manic detail that one feels the authors clearly love it.

Described all kinds of muscles – what they own and what allow to do. Below, under the description – an exercise that helps the muscle to pump. Classic examples: bench press develops the chest and back, French press – triceps, the squat for gluteal and binary of the femoral head. Each exercise has multiple images (in dynamics), a small but accurate description and tips: the narrow bench press with the elbows not to take and so on. This part is called, descriptive and useful for those who just joined the wonderful world of iron … the gym, sad trying to guess what is EZ-neck. Here is the picture!

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The second important part of the “iron” division – training program. In the app already built one (quite sensible), calculated on the exploits of moderate severity. However, you are free to change any position or to enter your is useful if, say, coach has appointed a new exercise (gymnastic roller on the press, ha!), and you have forgotten completely how this video looks and what it does. Also in the “Kachalka” sewn a couple dozen programs that you can buy for a fee.

Other functions are no longer about to be pumped up and pumped up about save – and, of course, increase. Calendar of diets, probably all well aware of how it looks – so it makes no sense for him to focus. But the system of measurements is a new and interesting thing.
You take pictures of yourself from different angles, upload pictures in the “Kachalka”, measure waist, biceps, wrists, legs and so on, transferring all this information in the digital field. Then to actively train for about a month, observing mode, and a training program. Again photographed from all angles, measure, compare and dance with happiness (or resignedly go for the chocolates depends on the result). Terribly motivating when right before your eyes the extra inches disappear with sweat and blood.

Another interesting thing – the calculator scales. You can find your working weight by typing in a special scale of maximum and number of repetitions. It is possible, conversely, to figure out finally, the maximum, the writing and all work the same number of reps – and not have to set it empirically, repeatedly asking others to remove from you this rod Tulenol. Useful, in General, a thing.

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In itself, the app is free – pay only for increased functionality. Your will, but to use “Kachalka” perfectly possible and free of charge – honestly, not only possible, but necessary.

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