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“Just works”: the main problem with the new MacBook Pro on the two photos

The new MacBook Pro touch pad Touch Bar has no Jack for connection to iPhone – have to buy a new adapter.

Each of the new MacBook Pro is devoid of the magnetic MagSafe connector, slots for SD cards and is equipped with four USB ports. C harge your laptop using any of these four ports, but in order to connect an iPhone, will have to buy additional adapters.

To be more precise, you have to buy the adapter or with USB-C to USB 2.0 or a special cable with connectors Lightning and USB C for connecting the iPhone 7 to port MacBook Pro. And this despite the fact that both products belong to the last generation flagship devices of Apple.

A Reddit user under the nickname 8uckl3yx2 showed how he gets out of this situation. Enthusiast cost three adapters: multi-port digital AV adapter USB-C (5790 rubles), adapter Belkin Lightning Audio (2,500 rubles) and an adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm (800 rubles). In this configuration, he can listen to music on your iPhone 7 and simultaneously charge the battery of the smartphone.

Many users have already managed to angrily respond to “trick” the new MacBook Pro. They say in social networks that are not willing to pay that kind of money for the adapter under ports common today.

Most likely, because of the decision of Apple, the shift to USB-C will happen much faster than expected. However, it remains to be consoled by the fact that the new MacBook Pro still has the usual headphone socket.

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Although here before the iPhone 7 the problem arises in the form of the Lightning connector from the bundled headphones.

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