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Jubilee iPhone 8 will be delayed this year due to the main innovation of Apple

Apple and suppliers have faced a number of technical difficulties. We are talking about the transition of the company to OLED displays and 3D cameras, allows you to change the focus point and depth of sharpness after shooting.

For many years users got used that the new generation iPhone release in September. For example, the iPhone 7 was officially presented on 7 September 2016 and launched in the middle of the month.

This time, it seems, buyers will see a new iPhone until October-November.

“First of all, according to our contract supplier, 3D technology and OLED displays will be part of a new 5.8-inch iPhone 8 – said analyst Brian white. – However, according to our source, the 5.8-inch iPhone will be delayed several weeks because of the difficulties with 3D technology. Despite the delay, the unit should go to the December holidays.”

According to reports, one of the functions that will appear in the iPhone 8, is the ability to change the depth of field of the images or items on them. Another innovation will allow you to isolate the object in the photo (e.g. the head) and rotate it 180 degrees. Also known about the functions through which are shown in the pictures people can apply virtual effects and objects.

Despite the fact that the production of Apple’s A11 will begin, likely in April, the suppliers do not have time to set up production of the required number of OLED panels and modules innovative front camera.

Indirect confirmation of this information is already there. Usually in April the Internet has appear a variety of leaks, including photos taken in the workplace.

If Apple tightened security measures at Foxconn, it can only mean that mass production of the next-generation iPhone has not yet begun.

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