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Jubilee iPhone 8 looks like a smartphone from the future, next with the iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Only a few months before the official presentation of the iPhone 8, but the Network has already appeared the layout of one of the most anticipated Apple smartphones in recent years. Video duration: 50 seconds uploaded on YouTube Israeli bloggers.

Photos and videos allow us to evaluate the design of the iPhone 8 in comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus, which looks very outdated against the background of the upcoming flagship.

“Eight” is enclosed in a glossy, coated on both sides bent on the edge of the glass. On the front, where it will be most important is a new OLED screen that occupies almost the entire part of the front of the plane – there are no physical buttons. On the back side can easily notice the exposed area with double vertical camera and led flash.

Despite the larger display the iPhone 8 looks much more compact than the clunky iPhone 7 Plus. The thickness of the housing generally corresponds to the iPhone 7, which is only 7.1 mm. According to the author of the video, the lateral edges of the devices from stainless steel can be decorated with a gloss black to match the glass front and back parts. Unlike the layout in the final version of the device frame will be perfectly fitted to the glass.

iPhone 8 will be the first smartphone of the “Apple” giant OLED display, and from the point of view of the design with two safety glasses Apple ideologically back to the iPhone 4/4s.

8 iPhone will get front facing camera with 3D capabilities and support for wireless charging. The layout is not visible to the scanner Touch ID on the rear panel that confirms the rumors about the postponement of the scanner under the screen of the smartphone.

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