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Journalists: Surface Book could be the best competitor to the MacBook Pro

Journalists of foreign publications have published reviews of the Book Surface – flagship hybrid Microsoft. Observers of The Verge sure if it was the laptop, he’d be the best Windows laptop and a serious competitor to the MacBook Pro.

A key feature of Surface Book — display-tablet, which is separated from the base part, said Lookatme. The basic components of a processor core of the sixth generation of the item has been added and the RAM — are in the tablet, so in this state he does not lose power. The basic parts are the touchpad, keyboard, two USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort, SD, and a dedicated NVIDIA card (not all models). In models with an integrated video card running Intel HD Graphics 5200 (and older). The laptop costs $1499 to $3199. From the latest Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, dedicated graphics card and 1 TB SSD.

Book case Surface is made of magnesium. To the touch it seems soft and not so rough, writes The Verge, comparing it with a MacBook Pro. The notebook weighs about 1.6 kg, while the tablet part separately — about 720 grams. Surface Book open with one hand will not work — the upper and lower parts fixed with magnets, so to pick up the tablet, you need to hold the bottom.

The laptop of 13.5 inch screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a resolution of 3000 × 2000 pixels (more than MacBook Pro and iPad Pro). Visually, it appears higher than on other laptops. It’s not very convenient when watching movies (wide black bars), but it is great for reading text. The display was praised by all the reviewers: he has great viewing angles, good contrast and color rendition.

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Hinge laptop hinge compensates for the pressure heavy tablet parts and gives structure to fall back at large angles of opening. When open, it increases the footprint by 1.3 cm (when folded has dimensions 232,1 × 312,3), according to Mashable. The loop has a limit on the opening angle, but it is quite large.

Because of the size of the laptop looks a bit disproportionate, if you hold on your lap. If people Book with your Surface on your lap will move, then the screen will start to wiggle. Because it weighs 720 grams loop cannot completely fix. The same happens if I tap it with your finger in laptop mode.

Keyboard Surface also liked the Book the authors of the four publications, in particular, because the optimal print distance between the keys. The keys are relatively small, so the keyboard will have to adjust a few days.

Glass Surface touchpad Book called best, which currently has among Windows-based laptops and can compete with the MacBook trackpad. But noticeable sticky when scrolling in Chrome (same in almost all laptops with Windows) and Edge. In Microsoft promised to release an update that will solve the problem with scrolling in Chrome. I Wired sometimes after reconnecting the tablet to the base part from the screen cursor disappear. To bring him back, you had to detach and re-attach the tablet.

The gap formed between the tablet and the base part in the folded state became the main reason for claims. First, it makes the laptop bulky. Secondly, when the laptop are in the bag, he was beating the dust and debris, so it is necessary to clean every day.

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All the reviewers noted the high performance. Microsoft does not consider it a gaming laptop, but power was expected to work in Adobe Premiere or Lightroom. Ulanoff the laptop without delay opened fully ofrendering engine model in AutoCAD 360. Geekbench tests showed he sometimes performance is 1.5 times more than that of MacBook Pro with similar characteristics, in other cases, the MacBook finished with the best result.

The editors of Wired and Mashable decided that the more expensive models with a dedicated video card is not worth the extra cost. Wired felt that for the money you can find devices with better graphics performance, the editor of Mashable did not see in it sense, as usual the performance was enough for all tasks.

Microsoft said the operating time from a single charge up to 12 hours (with a certain mode of use). During the test The Verge Chrome laptop lasted 13 hours (the model with integrated video card) and test this combined operation is (constantly open a browser with Twitter, Adobe Photoshop, movies) about 7 hours. Tests showed Wired up to 9 hours, and Mashable— to 7-8 hours. The latter was able to get 12 hours only when watching movies.

Stylus pen with 1024 levels of pressing softer (than SurfacePro 3), glides well and interacts with the screen (for comparison: the Wacom Intous Pro — 2048 degrees). When drawing you may notice a delay between the touch on the screen and how it displays. This can interfere with the illustrators, but notes does not play a role. The editor of TechCrunch found the delay problem in Windows and not the laptop. The tablet can distinguish the pen from the palm (the stylus works with Bluetooth), so you draw on the screen, you can lean on that hand didn’t get tired.

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However, to use only the pen will not work because of imperfections in the software part, said Warren, who failed to send the letter and a page from OneNote using a stylus.

Two editors for the period of testing there appeared a “blue screen of death”. Microsoft said to Warren that this is a problem SSD, and promised to correct it on specific models. Ulanoff who used model is not for sale, decided that question in the work of the Intel HD Graphics.

All reviewers called Surface Book good device on Windows. TechCrunch saw in him the laptop for those who need equipment with “full return” but not for the Internet. The Verge because of the gap between the tablet and base have advised Microsoft to do the usual or ultrabook without any gap, or to resolve this issue. In this form, wrote Warren, Surface Book remains a good idea and in this sense is not a competitor to the MacBook Pro. Wired decided that it was the laptop, which was created for Windows 10, but pointed out the problems in the interaction of two parts. Mashable called it fast and uncompromising model with tablet as a bonus.

In SlashGear believes that Surface Book will be extremely niche product because of the pricing policy of Microsoft. However, the company still deserves applause for the excellent build quality and the docking mechanism of the docking station.

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